PP43 XS18-An American girl in London
PP43 XS18-An American girl in London
James Arax

PP43 XS18-An American girl in London

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This painting on paper is associated with the performance Presence painting n°43.

"I paint this series after a presence painting session with a girl from NY. As we were in my studio in London, she was telling me how much she missed Autumn colors of NY. We talked a lot about Autumn colors in NY and the surroundings. Such a beauty and an inspiring mix of colors". 

Theme: Flowing painting
Series: Presence painting PP43XS
Number: 18/29
Date of completion: 2010
Place of realisation: Cadogan Lane studio - London
Signature:  BACK James Arax
Mixed technique: colored pigments, glue, green,blue, brown ink on paper
Support: Paper
Size: 6,7inx8,3in 17cmx21cm
Format: XS 
Area: 0,035m2 Height: 0,21m Width: 0,17m

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