XS format for James, on these paper note cards, James draws a human body in profile and in plan. An affordable unique artwork, subtle, precious, secret...

In profile in the upper part, in plan in the lower part of the card. These two plans composed of Chinese ink lines build a virtual space that creates a unique dreamscape. This landscape is populated by signs that belong to ancient times like Middle Age to remind us that our body is our most precious possession. These cards are part of an NFT Art project.


The result of the artistic work carried out on the physical cards: the color of the ink, the number of signs, the place of the signature, the density of the black in the drawing…

In the JA.Signature paper card, James uses a red or a black ink on a  6.1inx4.13in « vergé »  paper, which is a matte paper whose surface is made up of fine parallel lines. The style of the cards fits perfectly into James' fluid style, which leaves a large part for white in order to "let the imagination run wild." »


Each artistic card is associated with an envelope on which there is the name of the card, its number and the James Arax sign (logotype). Each artwork of the series is composed of a paper card and an envelope.

Each card is associated with a unique NFT which will be minted in several copies on a Polygon blockchain.