PP42 XS18-The Girl met in a champagne house.
PP42 XS18-The Girl met in a champagne house.
James Arax

PP42 XS18-The Girl met in a champagne house.

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This  PP49 XS1 painting of paper is part of a series of 21 pieces. This series is associated with the performance  PRESENCE PAINTING PP42 inspired by a woman  met at Champagne Pommery experience in les caves Pommery in Reims.

"I always make Xsmall paintings on paper after the large size canvas  Presence painting*. I use the liquid paint left of this large canvas to make the drawings. It is a way of physically linking these two types of creations." James Arax

*** Dimensions & Details ***

Theme: Flowing painting
Series: Presence painting PP42 XS
Number: 18/21
Date of completion: 2010
Place of realisation: Paris-Marais studio
Signature: FACE top left, JA standard marking, circular writing, title and date of production - BACK James Arax
Mixed technique: Acrylic, brown black  and pink ink, glue on paper
Support: Paper
Size: 21x14,5cm - 8,3x5,7in
Format: XS
Area: 0,03m2 Height: 0,21m Width: 0,145m

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