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LUSTRE LOKTA 7 Size 15,74inx19,68in a painting on lotta paper by the french contemporary painter James ARAX made in 2010
Lustre 7
Lustre 7
Lustre 7
Lustre 7
Lustre 7
James Arax

Lustre 7

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Special artwork for Black&White lovers. Here, the 3 chandeliers seem to be suspended in an intergalactic space..

This stylized chandelier is made with white and liquid ink on black Lokta paper from Himalaya. James plays with his OpenFlow technique of flowing and drippings. He uses the variations of dark color of this vegetal paper made of Lokta, a tree from Nepal. This is an ancestral thick paper of great durability, resistant to tearing, moisture.

***Details & Dimensions***

Theme: Flowing Magic

Series: Lustres
Number: 7
Title: LUSTRE n°7
Date of completion: 2010
Place of realisation: Paris
Signature: FACE acronym (sjs) bottom left with white ink - BACK James Arax
Mixed technique: White ink&pigment on nepali paper
Support: Lokta paper, Nepali paper
Size: 15,74inx19,68in 40cmx50cm
Format: S-Fxx
Thickness: 3mm 
Area: 0,2m2 Height: 0,50m Width: 0,40m

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