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Arbre ciel - Bouleau 1
Arbre ciel - Bouleau 1
Arbre ciel - Bouleau 1
Arbre ciel - Bouleau 1
Arbre ciel - Bouleau 1
James Arax

Arbre ciel - Bouleau 1

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A journey in a Birch trees forest. Serenity, Purity for Tree lovers. « Arbre ciel » means « Tree sky », birches in many civilizations symbolise the link between earth and sky. Enjoy in this painting on thin paper the lightness of the birch, its discretion, its liveliness, the soft sound of the leaves in the wind. James plays with the white of the bark and the white of paper. 

This work is between drawing and painting. It is made with black Indian ink on thin paper.

Theme: Flowing forest
Series: Arbre ciel
Number: 1
Number in the series: 1/10
Title : ARBRE CIEL-BOULEAU 1 (Tree-sky-birch)
Date of completion: 2002
Place of realisation: Dordogne Valley
Signature: FACE Acronym (sjs) Bottom right - BACK James Arax
Mixed technique: Black ink, charcoal pencil, on paper
Support: Paper draft
Size: 19,7inx25,6in 50cmx65cm 
Format: S -Fxx
Area: 0,32m2 Heigh: 0,65m Width: 0,50m
NFT: FlowForest#005

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