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"Trees teach us to raise our heads and bring us closer to the sky". Emblematic large scale artworks related to the climate changes for huge halls or lobbies of brands/people that want to send a sustainable development message.

Forest evokes the forest and nature in general. Although James lives in European capitals. James is very close to the nature. He comes to work in the summer in his workshop in his forest called «Les bois d’Arax ». He sometimes paints large canvases in this opener studio! 

The emblematic artworks is the diptych : The Beginning of the Forest or Zeus and The End of the Forest. They are a monument to the memory of the forests destroyed by the December 1999 storm in Europe.

James -Phd in landscape- is very concerned by climate changes especially through the rainforest. He felt like a duty to express his love to the trees through these major artworks. Very large scale paintings 3x2m, mix media technique with real pine branches, pine barks. Stunning artworks which deliver a universal message « Care the forest ».