Enjoy the 7th SEASON of 10! « LONDON 🇬🇧LIFESTYLE » Perfect to enchant your spaces with the energy of these large scale paintings!

This collection was made in London, it includes 7 pieces. Each piece of this collection has a format of 200x170cm-79x70in. James enjoys London lifestyle, especially in Winter. During a whole season he created these 7 large scale paintings, full of energy of London, its mix culture, fascinating fashion looks, new punk, elegant, chic, cosy, the royals, people from all over the world… Each painting is a piece of London atmosphere and people pursuing their dreams. They are enchanting this beautiful City. 

James studio in London is set up in a townhouse on Cadogan lane -Chelsea near Sloane square- a partnership with Landmass Architecture & interior based in London. James painted in the house until the start of the renovation work. So grateful all the more he could have a garage for his faithful Defender.

"PRESENCE PAINTING" IS A MAJOR SERIES OF JAMES ARAX, A LIFE PROJECT. "With Presence painting I revisit the art of portraiture and disrupt the classic pose with a model"-James Arax.

James creates an artistic performance called Presence Painting Performance (3P). It’s a new type of portraiture, an augmented portrait to catch the presence of the model. For each painting James invites a new person-model whose presence inspires him. 

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