"I always make Xsmall paintings on paper after the large size canvas Presence painting ". James uses always the fresh liquid paint left of the large canvas. It is a way of physically linking these two types of creations.  The color purple is the color of Bishop’s robe. 

This series of painting on paper of 18 items made in 2012 is associated with the performance  PRESENCE PAINTING N°61 *. This painting is inspired by a Bishop from a Parisian Armenian Church. The color purple is the color of Bishop’s robe. Format of the drawings on paper : 21x17cm - 8,30x6,70in

 *James creates an artistic performance called Presence Painting Performance (3P). It’s a new type of portraiture, an augmented portrait to catch the presence of the model. For each painting James invites a new person-model whose presence inspires him. Since 2005, he has produced 100 unique artistic performances.