All the XS paintings on paper of the PRESENCE PAINTING PP53 XS series (21cmx17cm/8,3x6,7in) are made with the still fresh paint of the XXL matrix painting realised during the Presence painting performance*  n° 53. This series brings together 24 paintings on paper. 

« There was a special atmosphere with her in the workshop. The July light, the reflections on the metal bowls of paint, her pretty dress, the way she was walking in heels on the floor smeared with paint. I don't know why the title of the painting immediately came to my mind - Vermeer’s daughter »

*James creates an artistic performance called Presence Painting Performance (3P). It’s a new type of portraiture, an augmented portrait to catch the presence of the model. For each painting James invites a new person-model whose presence inspires him. 

Concretely what’s Presence Painting Performance? It’s an augmented portrait and a disruptive form of model representation, an assemblage work combining different medias: an XL matrix painting 200x170cm / 78,7x66,9in which is the masterpiece, a series of paintings on small papers, photos of the person-model in front of the painting, photos of the artworks staged in the studio, videos of the painting session. There is always an original spatial and artistic device : camera, remote control, video screen, egg chair 360°. All these artworks allow James to capture and restore the presence of the model.