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Stephane JAUBERT-SEGOND Presence painting performance

Flowing paintings XL&XS

In the menu of the Jamesarax.art website you will find two sections Flowing painting XL and Flowing Painting XS. They are the mains artworks of the Presence Painting performance by James ARAX . Flowing painting XL includes the matrix paintings (XL 200x170cm 78.7x66.9in), Flowing Painting XS series includes paintings on paper (XS 21x17cm 8.3x6.7in) associated with each matrix paintings. Today James ARAX has achieved 70 performances.

James likes to paint on large canvases where he expresses his style better. Painting on large formats gets the whole body involved in the creative process. It is the assurance of fully expressing an emotion.

His openFlow style like he calls it, is characterized by long vertical runs directly on a white background. James' painting is liquid, fast and light, responding to the transitory nature of thoughts, especially emotions.
For him the painting must free itself from any desire for representation and move into the emotional zones of our cerebral functioning. James is interested in neurosciences and has been doing Taichi Chuan for 20 years.

He creates both canvas and digital pieces of art. Presence painting performance (3P) is his main creation. It’s a disruptive and an augmented portrait through a set of artworks made on various mediums. paintings, photos, videos, digital pieces.
Concretely, At each performance session James invites a new person-model whose presence inspires him. All these works allow him, to capture and express this precious moment with the person-model. The masterpiece is a Matrix XL painting 200x170cm / 78,7x66,9in. Since 2005, he has produced 70 unique artistic performances.

There is always an original spatial and artistic device : camera, remote control, video screen, egg chair 360°. The performance session lasts 1 day maximum. All these artworks allow James to capture, encrypt and restore the presence of the model. A unique XL matrix painting 200x170cm / 78,7x66,9in which is the masterpiece of the performance, a series of small papers, photos of the model, photos of the artworks staged in the studio, videos of the painting session.

How's it going ? James first meets a person who inspires him. Anywhere, anytime, at an opening, at a party, on the plane, in the street. "It's not me who chooses, something is imposed on me, a painting must be done" At each performance he first realises a 200x170cm matrix painting the masterpiece, the painting session is fully filmed by the model that activates the remote control of the camera. At the end he made a series of photos of the model in front of the matrix painting hanging on the wall. Once the model has left the studio it produces a series of drawings with the still fresh painting that flows from the Matrix Painting. Later, a few weeks or sometimes months, James creates digital works from the paintings « It’s both a base of colours, a great shapes and a melting pot of meaning, histories, sensations that inspires me.»


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